Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sloggi facts

Sloggi facts:

Just how popular are Sloggis? Every minute, 550 are produced and a grand total of more than 1 billion have been sold!

It would take one machinist 1,024 years to complete the annual production.

More Amazing Sloggi Facts:

* Sloggi is sold in over 20,000 outlets worldwide.

* To keep up with the demand for Sloggi 812,000 kilometres of raw threads are processed every 60 minutes.
This is the distance from the earth to the moon and back.

* The annual consumption of sewing yarn is 3,200,000km or nine times the distance between the earth and moon.

* On the Sloggi production lines, a football pitch worth of cotton is used every 84 minutes.

* The annual production of Sloggi weighs 3,300 tons, the weight of 18 jumbo jets.

* And finally ,if a year's worth of the famous blue Sloggi boxes were laid end to end, it would result in
12,000 kilometres - which is the world's diameter!

The Launch Of Sloggi

In 1978 Sloggi was launched under the slogan 'the cotton revolution.' With briefs no longer 'unmentionable' Sloggi designed and manufactured soft, smooth, easy care briefs in an innovative new fabric 'core spun cotton Lycra®' Sloggi is now a household name and the best selling branded brief in the world - in just 25 years over 1 billion briefs have been sold
in more than 30 countries.

The Basic Sloggi Brief

The secret of Sloggi is the fabric - core spun cotton Lycra®. This means that fine combed cotton is wrapped around every single Lycra® thread. This has many wearer benefits:

* Superb two way stretch for a fantastic fit.

* The comfort and kindness of cotton next to the skin.

* Easy to care for - the Lycra® is protected by the cotton so maintains the shape of the brief even after constant washing,
ensuring a long Sloggi life!

In 1986, Sloggi extended it's range to include men launching 'Sloggi For Men.' More recently new innovative fabrics have been introduced in exciting new modern ranges such as Sloggi Shine, Sensual, Romance, Hot Hips, Pure, Shape and Sensation.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Poll on flowerpod

An interesting thread on local gal forum asking if the girls mind their Significant Other wearing panties. Hope the narrow-minded mods will not lock the thread with the reason "This thread is not useful to girls" as they have done before. It's not everyday that you get real (mostly) girls sharing their thoughts on this subject, and they are local girls from a wide spectrum of outlooks, upbringing and experiences.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

An essay on panties and gender bias in society

Harmless panties wrote an essay for his English class and chose the topic of how society has certain expectations of males and females. Women can wear men's clothing but the other way round will be frowned upon.
It was a good read. A very brave attempt to pen such a controversial topic! Would like to know how the girl took it.

His blog is here and it has a link to his essay in MS Word format.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Triumph videos on

Singapore ad of the one-piece T-shirt bra

Ad in Mandarin


Sloggi meiden in string

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sloggi ads

Sloggi has some very enticing ads that makes me want to rush out and buy their latest panties and thongs. Over the last couple of years, however, I have been disappointed by how low cut their models are. This will probably be a continuing trend as jeans are worn low on the hips and underwear has to be kept low as well.

String Time remains one of my favourites because of how comfortable they are, stretchy and with elastic at the edge to keep things inside. Now I have been hearing of how some girls are hesitant about wearing thongs and squemish about how it will feel to have cloth between the cheeks. Sloggi is a good place to start, just get a suitable size and you won't even feel it after a while. It's that comfortable, even for a guy. Now guys will have to get bigger sizes as these are really low on the hips and the front panel is smaller than that we would usually find on briefs... Know what I mean?

Some nice ads from

and some ads from around the world.